Church Facilities

First Presbyterian Church encompasses multiple buildings in its downtown campus for worship, fellowship, education and business. Some of these walls have been standing since 1925 while others were added only recently — almost 100 years later. Old and new, the beautiful First Church campus is unified in purpose: to provide a central meeting place for Tulsans from all walks of life to come together to worship the Lord, grow together and serve the common good.

Historic First Church

The historic First Presbyterian Church building facing south Boston Avenue was completed in 1925. It was extended to the north in 1954 with the addition of the Kerr Building, and Kerr Chapel. These buildings also house the children's and music programming.

Stephenson Hall

Stephenson Hall, the Courtyard, and the Atrium were added to the historic buildings in the 2012 expansion. The Sunday contemporary services are held in the Hall, and it is also used for receptions, banquets and other large gatherings.


The outdoor courtyard connects Stephenson Hall and adjoining Atrium to the administration and classroom wing. The “Living Water Sculpture” as part of the fountain and surrounding colonnade.


The Miller Atrium now acts as the central connection point for the entire main Church facility. It connects the old and new buildings in an amazing way and lends itself to special gatherings, displays and small group concerts.

Bernsen Center

The Church acquired the historic Tulsa Masonic Temple in 1994 and renamed it the Bernsen Community Life Center. The historic building, constructed in 1925, was renovated to facilitate the Church's community outreach programs and efforts. Today, it houses different non-profit offices, conference rooms and classrooms. The Great Hall on the fourth floor is home to T.I.F. Sunday worship services.

The Powerhouse

The Powerhouse is a multipurpose building that houses the First Presbyterian Church youth programs. It contains a large meeting room, coffee and reception area, game room and smaller rooms used for classes and small-group meetings.

The 8:10 Building

Building an endowment doesn’t usually involve actual hammers and require hard hats, but this one did! The 8:10 Building is the latest addition to the First Church campus and a unique example of social entrepreneurship. This for-profit operation provides commercial office space for Tulsa businesses, and every penny of net profit directly supports local mission projects in the downtown Tulsa area.

Facility Rental

There are many opportunities within the beautiful First Church campus for different events and activities. Some facilities are reserved for member use only and others are available for public rental. You can learn more about our facility rental policies here. Please call the Business Office (918-301-1035) if you have any questions regarding availability, permitted uses or rates.

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