Stewardship - helping the church plan responsibly

You can help the Church plan responsibly by completing a "covenant of giving" card which is mailed in October or available through the business office. You can also submit an estimate of your giving for the current or upcoming year online.

Give of your best to the Master.

In recognition that everything we have is a gift from God, we give a portion in return. These gifts sustain the work and outreach of this congregation and its pastors. You can give at any time through our online giving portal or by calling the office at 918-301-1034 during business hours.

Like good stewards … serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received
1 Peter 4:10

How do you respond to the gift of God’s grace?

The Bible calls us to give back to God, first as an act of thanksgiving. We believe God’s ultimate gift of grace was delivered through the life, death and resurrection of His son Jesus Christ. This gift was freely given that we might be restored in relationship with Him. There’s nothing that anyone has done or can do to earn God’s love, because Jesus has already paid the ultimate price! In response to such “amazing grace,” we are encouraged to prayerfully consider how we might give back with even the smallest amount as an act of thanks.

How do your finances reflect your priorities?

Giving is also an act of worship, proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord over our lives and our finances. We can reflect this attitude by giving a percentage of our income. Many Christians traditionally “tithe” 10 percent, what the Bible calls our “first fruits.” Whenever we surrender our hard-earned resources, it’s an act of giving up control and that is never easy to do! By putting God first in our finances, we believe the rest of our life will be reordered as well.

An accountable partner in giving.

At First Presbyterian Church, our business office carefully processes every gift that comes in. Our church leadership (including pastors, elders and staff) prayerfully manage and steward every dollar to ensure it is applied for maximum impact in the church and in our community and around the world. At the end of the day, the church is accountable to every single member of the congregation, and you will find a detailed report of church finances in the latest annual report.

Support the foundation

The First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa Foundation was founded in 1962 as a lasting and sustainable means to support the ministries of the Church. Today the Foundation gives an annual gift over $500,000 to the Church’s annual budget for worship, discipleship, and missions. Gifts large and small support this good work, including birthday gifts, honorariums/memorials, or planned gifts as a part of your estate plan.

Contact the business office

To learn more about giving at First Church or to submit a gift over the phone, contact Kelle Roberts in the church business office at 918-301-1033.

It’s not just our duty, but our pleasure to be able to turn around and give something back … when we see the things the Church is able to do with the little bit that we’re able to contribute, it’s just incredibly rewarding.

Jeremy Case, Member

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