First Church Foundation

The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed …

Matthew 13:31

Planting seeds in perpetuity for future generations is the essence of stewardship and enlightened giving. Sharing our wealth, both spiritual and material, is a joy we share as disciples of Christ. The First Presbyterian Foundation is a classic example of Jesus' parable of the mustard seed (Matthew 13:31-32). It was created more than 50 years ago by members who were thinking forward. They wanted to provide a lasting way to support the ministries of the Church. We now have the opportunity to continue that legacy.

The Purpose of the Foundation

The purpose of the foundation is to provide ongoing support in the areas of benevolent, charitable, educational, missionary, and overall operations of the Church.

  • Music & Worship - Musical instruments, sound, lighting, stained glass, media ministries, Wiseman worship series, and special worship services
  • Scholarship & Education - Higher education scholarships, internships, library resources, and other educational programs
  • Nurture & Care of Families - All-Church retreats, wellness ministries, and other nurturing opportunities
  • Mission -Helping Hand Ministries, FPC Habitat for Humanity projects, Vacations with a Purpose, Loughridge Kid's Camp, pastoral support groups, and other activities that share God's love for the world
  • Long-term Facility Maintenance & Repair - Operational expenses of the Church facilities

Giving to the Foundation

Gifts large and small are shepherded by the foundation. You can give at any time at death as a part of an estate plan (considered a “planned gift”). You may make a gift of cash, securities, property, or purchase a charitable annuity.

  • Birthday gifts
  • Honorarium/memorial gifts
  • Planned gifts (seek the advice of an attorney or financial planner)

Who takes care of the Foundation?

The Board of Trustees manages the Foundation funds. The Trustees' goal is to rely on income from gifts to do God's work. By managing and investing gifts in this way, the gifts continue to give for years to come.

Support the foundation

Contact the church business office if you would like to larn more about how you can support the Foundation — future of Christ's ministry in Tulsa. Call 918-584-4701.