About First Church

Called to make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ — inwardly strong and outwardly focused.

Mission Statement

First Presbyterian Church is placed at a unique nexus in the city of Tulsa, less than a mile from communities with both incredible wealth and incredible need. Founded in 1885, it was the very first organized Church in the city. The history of “First Church” is rich, and its roots are deep, but our story is also alive and evolving — welcoming many new faces, relationships and experiences every year. We’re here to bring glory to God, grow together, and serve our larger community in Tulsa and around the world.

Who needs Church?

Pop culture tells us all we need to get ahead is grit and a little creativity — and that the answer to life’s big questions come from within. The Gospel narrative of Jesus Christ tells a different story. The Bible makes it clear that we are not meant to navigate faith and life on our own. A Church is a place where all are invited to come together to support and encourage each other, where we worship and serve, where we are encouraged to wrestle with life’s big questions as we grow in relationship with our Creator who loves us more than we can comprehend.

What does it feel like here?

The global Church shares the same gospel message but speaks with different “accents.” At First Presbyterian Church, you will encounter multiple worship styles that are neither as traditional nor formal as the liturgies you might find at a Catholic or Lutheran Church, nor are they as modern as you might expect from a non-denominational concert-style Church. Each expression of the Body of Christ is unique, even within the same denomination, so we hope you will come and experience our community for yourself.

What do we believe?

Our identity is both “orthodox,” affirming the authority of the scriptures and historic witness of the Church, and “evangelical,” meaning it’s our mission and privilege to share the good news of the gospel and participate in God’s holy work of healing and reconciliation in the world. Our congregation is a member of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) denomination.
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Who leads the church?

Everything we do at First Presbyterian Church is prayerfully planned according to our best understanding of God’s will, which is recorded in the Bible. We believe God also calls people to a variety of leadership roles within the Church, as defined in the Presbyterian tradition... pastors, elders, deacons, trustees, and a dedicated church staff.

What does the Church do?

We believe a Church should meet several specific needs in the life of a Christian and the community. We are called to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but the Bible also makes it clear that we are not meant to navigate faith and life on our own. Every Sunday we gather together to give thanks and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ. As a community we are refreshed, refocused and sent out to serve in the world. We also believe that the more we know God, the more we love Him. We do this through Sunday school classes and weekly studies, small groups, and other opportunities to learn and grow together as “disciples.” Finally, we are called to be God’s agents of healing and reconciliation in the world. Because He first served us, we respond by serving others in love and humility.