New members and parish register for the Summer of 2022

New members and parish register for the Summer of 2022

By Patricia Hall

August 2022 (Tidings magazine) - Welcome new members: Sharon Bentley, Emily Bollom, Alex Curtis, Trey Curtis, Johanna Feamster, Michael Feamster, Amy Fiegener, Rob Fiegener, Becky Hoppe, Brian Hoppe, Helen J. (Mishler) Lewis, Scott Carney Lewis, Dan McDonald, Breana McIntosh, Jacob McIntosh, Landen Peeler, Jennifer Porter, Matt Porter, Chris Tham, Janice Tham, Laura Tham and Caleb Tham.

The sacrament of baptism

Hudson Robert Williams, son of Clare and Jonathan Williams, was baptized on May 8.
Isla Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Sarah and Alex Smith, was baptized on May 8.
Kyne Wilberforce, son of Purity and Kip Makkitoor, was baptized on May 1.
Josiah Christopher-Michael Price, son of Betty and Chuck Price, was baptized on May 1.
Jude Phillip Butts, son of Olivia and Phillip Butts, was baptized on June 19.

The celebration of Christian marriage

Kate Rowland married Jason Brooks on May 7
Melissa Davis
married Evan Lockett on May 14
Helen Santee
married Scott Lewis on May 23

With gratitude for the resurrection

CT Thompson, a member since 2005, died on June 17
Barbara LaBenske, a member since 1986, died on June 28
Ann Taylor, a member since 2006, died on July 3
Jacqueline Poe, a member since 1991, died on July 4
Curt Holdridge, a member since 1997, died on July 4
Kathleen Reynolds, a member since 2019, died on July 5
Laurence Mansur, a member since 1988, died on July 6

Ready for the next steps to membership?

Join us for our next Inquirers’ Class. For more information, contact Patricia Hall, director of new member outreach at 918-301-1028 or email

Pastoral Care

Please notify us of hospitalizations, births and deaths by contacting Kathy Wilson at 918-301-1029. There are two numbers to call for prayer at any hour including the main church number, 918-584-4701, and a pastor on call will be notified; or Paula and Mark Peterson with the Guild of Intercessors at 918-296-5548,

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