New members and parish register for the Spring of 2022

New members and parish register for the Spring of 2022

Patricia Hall

June 2022 (Tidings magazine) - Welcome new members: Renee Bright, Regina Masabarakiza, Ben Peterson, Cynthia Phillips, Alicia Ranne, Dr. Richard Ranne, Emilie Mulkey Simon, Dr. Jim Simon, Karli Smith, Bill Smith, Shiphra Wairire, Julia Thomas and Will Thomas.

The sacrament of baptism

Nathan Eric Weeldreyer, son of Kristen and Eric Weeldreyer, was baptized on January 23
Oliver James Field, son of Kara and Andrew Field, was baptized on March 13
Elizabeth Jane Trotzuk, daughter of Jane and Dylan Trotzuk, was baptized on March 13
William Hayes Welch, son of Reagan and Taft Welch, was baptized on April 3
Zani Ekwempu, son of Phyllis and Somto Ekwempu, was baptized on April 10

With gratitude for the resurrection

Ardis Manning, a member since 1961, died on January 1
Robert Snow, a member since 2007, died on January 20
Johanna Boshuizen, a member since 1956, died on January 8
Robert Lengacher, a member since 1955, died on January 16
Patricia Ball, a member since 1998, died on January 25
Carole Borton, a member since 2012, died on February 27
Jack Williams, a member since 2013, died on March 9
Ray Kenney, a member since 1976, died on March 20
Barbara Thomas, a member since 2001, died on March 27
Frances “Wandy” Fitzgerald, a member since 1979, died on March 28
Etta May Avery, a member since 1935, died on March 29
Ellen Vester, a member since 1999, died on April 22
Annelle Lanford, a member since 1939, died on April 24

Ready for the next steps to membership?

Join us for our next Inquirers’ Class. For more information, contact Patricia Hall, director of new member outreach at 918-301-1028 or email

Pastoral care

Please notify us of hospitalizations, births and deaths by contacting Kathy Wilson at 918-301-1029. There are two numbers to call for prayer at any hour including the main Church number where a pastor on call will be notified, 918-584-4701; or contact Paula or Mark Peterson with the Guild of Intercessors at 918-296-5548 or

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