New members joining in the fall of 2021

New members joining in the fall of 2021

Patricia Hall

Welcome new members : Claire Armstrong, Abby Boehning, Sam Boehning, Lara Davis, Micah Davis, George DeShurley III, Carol Graham, George Graham, Randie Lewis, James “Jim” Mulkey, Janie Mulkey, Nancy Pellegrino and Kristen Weeldreyer.

The sacrament of baptism

Edmund Gerald Theodore Hutchinson, son of Hanna and Daniel Hutchinson, was baptized July 18
Naomi Grace DeSpain, daughter of Athena and Paul DeSpain, was baptized September 5
George Robert DeShurley was baptized on September 19

The celebration of Christian marriage

McKenzie Wilson married Ryan Corley on July 31
Mark Kachigian married Anne Horvath on September 3

The joy of new life - we welcome

Eleanor Ruth Rhoa, daughter of Laura and Mark Rhoa, was born on June 30
Isla Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Sarah and Alex Smith, was born on July 12
William Hayes Welch, son of Reagan and Taft Welch, was born on August 6

With gratitude for the resurrection

Willis (Bill) Thompson, a member since 1985, died on June 27
Carol Sanders, a member since 1947, died on July 9
Challa Ashlock, a member since 2008, died on July 9
Steve Tollett, a member since 1978, died on July 19
Janie Quint, a member since 1996, died on July 27
Madge Ryder, a member since 1999, died on August 8
Larry Don Johnson, a member since 2014, died on September 3
Joan Hastings Camp, a member since 1967, died on September 5

Ready for the next steps to membership?

Join us for our next Inquirers’ Class. For more information, contact Patricia Hall, director of new member outreach at 918-301-1028 or email

Pastoral care

Please notify us of hospitalizations, births and deaths by contacting Kathy Wilson at 918-301-1029. There are two numbers to call for prayer at any hour including the main Church number where a pastor on call will be notified, 918-584-4701; or contact Paula or Mark Peterson with the Guild of Intercessors at 918-296-5548 or

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