Stories from Life on the Vine podcast

Stories from Life on the Vine podcast

Eric Baird

Rev. Dan Hutchinson said the only appropriate beginning for this article is a quote from “The Princess Bride,” “Let me explain … no, there is too, let me sum up.”

Podcasts. Throughout the lock down I have listened to a plethora of podcasts. One of the best comes from the Hanna C. Howard studios, right here at First Church called, “Life on the Vine.” Rev. Dan Hutchinson and Pathfinders leader, Jackson Seibert, began this podcast in April 2020 with the goal of, “Engaging the congregation in a different way and encouraging them in living out John 15.”

How do we allow Jesus to impact the way we shop, vote, talk and generally behave in a context some 2000 years after the Bible was written? I’ve listened to every episode and can tell you that “Life on the Vine” unfailingly brings content that is humorous, interesting, practical and wise. In the coming months, they plan on engaging topics such as the book of Revelation, the Holy Spirit and politics.

They are also seeking input and topics from their fan base so feel free to contact them with any ideas you may have for a show. This may be a podcast from NextGen ministries, but it is for everyone. Take it from me, I not only wrote the theme song … I’m a fan!