Seeking muralist for youth ministry building

Seeking muralist for youth ministry building

First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa, established in 1885 and known as First Church Tulsa, is seeking a muralist to design the building art for our Powerhouse building which is the home of our junior and senior high ministry programs. We are seeking artists to submit their portfolios for consideration. 

Five artists will be selected from their portfolios to develop and submit a rough concept for the mural for which they will receive $250. Our committee will select the final artist who will develop his or her design to completion which is a digital file from which a building wrap will be created and installed. The selected artist will receive $2,000. Read below for concept content, specifications and a photo of the existing building:


8th and Cincinnati in downtown Tulsa, west wall of the Powerhouse building

Project background:

First Church Tulsa is in the process of campus unification. This process will provide visual cues that present cohesive and consistent visuals across the four buildings and several city blocks that make up the First Church campus. As part of this campus unification process, it has been determined that the Powerhouse, which is currently the First Church youth building, should have a permanent, engaging and inspiring mural

The mural is to be housed on the central metal portion of the Powerhouse building’s west wall. Before installation, the corrugated surface will be made flat. Gutters will remain, but the front surface of the gutters will receive the art installation. The sides will be painted an appropriate color that coordinates with the art. The current signage that is on this space will be removed.

Creative goals:

The primary available “canvas” for the art is a metal surface on the central portion of the west wall of the Powerhouse building. Our vision for this mural is to express that the grace that is on offer through the person of Jesus Christ is not constrained to the four walls of the Church or its programs, but extends out into the world to any who will receive Him.

The mural approach should include: 

  • The First Church Youth motto, “Love Jesus, Serve Others, Be Different."
  • Use the motto as inspiration for the graphics.
  • Use the entirety of the available “canvas."
  • Grab the attention of the 8th Street traffic.

Additionally, the installation could:

  • Draw inspiration from the six great ends of the Church.
  • Include imagery that would be relatable to the community and the global Church.
The six great ends of the Church are:
  • The proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of humankind
  • The shelter, nurture, and spiritual fellowship of the children of God
  • The maintenance of divine worship
  • The preservation of the truth
  • The promotion of social righteousness
  • The exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world


We’re offering five $250 stipends to selected artists to develop and present ideas and concepts. The chosen artist will receive $2,000 to produce final digital art to the required specifications.


  1. May 15, 2021 - Submission of electronic work samples to be considered as one of five stipend artists.
  2. June 1, 2021 - Stipend artists are announced.
  3. June 21, 2021 - Concepts are due.
  4. July 1, 2021 - Job is awarded to winning concept. 

Work sample submissions:

Please send a letter and your digital portfolio with examples to the contacts listed below by May 15, 2021, along with a note detailing your design history. Thank you.

Contacts for questions:

Holbrook Lawson -
Doug Crain -

Photo of mural area on Powerhouse building
Mural area in grey (including gutters) on Powerhouse building
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