Open for worship & events

Open for worship & events

For worship including in-person services and online/TV viewing, check our event calendar for times, locations and online links. 

Safety procedures while attending Church:

The First Church Tulsa Covid-19 Preparedness Task Force met Monday, November 17, 2020, and discussed the impact of the growing number of cases in Oklahoma that are stretching healthcare facilities and medical personnel to new limits in terms of care in the Tulsa area. After much discussion, the task force adopted a "mask always" requirement for anyone coming into our facilities, including Sunday worship services, Sunday school classes and other events. 

Following a mask-always policy.

The Church is open for worship on Sundays and for events, baptisms, weddings, funerals, classes and meetings following health protocols. 

Safety protocols - spacing

First Church protocols during the Coronavirus pandemic
Masks + 6' Distancing + Hand washing

    Consider your health and well-being. If you are immune-compromised, have underlying conditions, or are hesitant in returning to worship for any reason, you’re encouraged to stay where you are and share in our online and televised services from your residence. We love you and want you to choose the best option for yourself. 

    For those choosing to worship on-site at the Church, please:

    • Temperature – Take your temperature before coming to Church and if it is above 100.3 degrees, please self-quarantine. Temperatures will not be taken at the Church.
    • Masks and no-touch policy - Congregants are required to wear face coverings or masks, and we have masks available for you at the Church. Please adhere to a no-touch policy.
    • Social distancing - Individuals and families are asked to maintain social distancing of six feet (6 ft.) or more from other people including sitting in the worship space, entering and exiting the facility and occupying small spaces including elevators and bathrooms.
    • Sanitizing hands - Each person is asked to sanitize their hands at the stations before and after touching surfaces inside the Church.
    • Children - Parents are asked to keep children close to them at all times and observe the six-foot (6 ft.) distancing rule from others.

    If you or a family member tests positive for COVID-19, please alert the Church so that we may hold you in prayer and conduct necessary contact tracing.

    Weekday visits with staff:

    In most cases, our staff will be glad to meet you in the Atrium or a smaller gathering area. Please check in at the reception desk upon arrival. Please speak with the receptionist first, and in her absence, call the Church office at 918-584-4701. 

    Church facilities sanitized:

    Our facilities have been completely cleaned and sanitized for guests. A protective spray has been applied to keep the area sanitized for six months and our weekly cleaning practices have been updated to comply with CDC guidelines. Additionally, maintenance team members will disinfect bathrooms, elevators, handrails, doors and other high traffic areas.

    Safety protocols - signs

    When you come to the Church, you will see:

    • Signage to remind congregants about social distancing and wearing a mask
    • Stations offering protective face masks and hand sanitizer
    • Occupancy limits of two (2) for bathrooms and three (3) for elevators
    • Less furniture in the Atrium and outside the Great Hall
    • Little to no food or beverage service

    Worship space guidelines:

    • Spacing - Members of households will sit together and leave six to eight feet (6-8 feet) of distance between others. Please consult an usher for help
      - In the sanctuary, every other pew will be available for seating.
      - In Stephenson Hall and the Great Hall, please leave six to eight feet (6-8 feet) between you/your family and the next congregant.
    • Bulletins – A printed bulletin will be available at traditional worship in the Sanctuary. Contemporary and TIF worship will utilize screens to display the order of worship. Announcements will be made and are also available in E-News and the website.
    • Offerings – Plates will be stationed by the doors for congregants to share their tithes upon exiting the worship space. Online giving is available on our website.
    • Worship areas – please dispose of food and drink prior to entering worship areas.

    Online and television worship services:

    11 a.m. Traditional Sunday Worship
    Cox Cable Ch. 3 at 11 a.m., 5 p.m. and 10 p.m..

    11 a.m. Tulsa International Fellowship (TIF) Sunday Worship

    In closing …

    We are grateful for the unprecedented efforts made by so many to examine and review the best course forward for this congregation. With gratitude to God for blessings received both at home and together, we commend each of you into the care and keeping of our Lord Jesus, the Lord of the Church!

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