A year in the life of the Church 2019

A year in the life of the Church 2019

Louann Buhlinger

2019 year in pictures and annual report

Greetings First Church members. It has been an interesting 2020 with ups, downs and new ways of worshiping together through technology and social distancing.

We were busy ramping up for our annual Congregational Meeting in March of this year when Covid-19 hit and the Church closed temporarily. We never had the opportunity to get together and present our annual report (link) and our year in pictures.

The images and updates are so important, we decided to share them with you online! You'll get a kick out of seeing us in action at the Church and beyond. Grab a family member and enjoy flipping through the pages of the 2019 annual report or click 'go' on the video and watch our year in pictures. 

2019 Annual Report (Click here to view.) Hard copies of the report are available in the literature rack in the First Church atrium. Enjoy!

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