A Coronavirus Message from Dr. Jim Miller

A Coronavirus Message from Dr. Jim Miller

Dear First Church family,

These are strange days.

“Research has shown that houses of worship are often one of the first places people turn when they are in crisis—whether they need physical, emotional, or spiritual support,” In a public health crisis, churches also face unique challenges and questions as a public gathering space.” -Jamie Aten, Ph.D., Disaster Psychologist and Founder and Executive Director of Humanitarian Disaster Institute, Wheaton College

Indeed. So the very idea that First Church would close her doors, that we would cease to gather for worship and study, prayer and singing –that we would not come together to remember the Lord’s Supper (to say nothing of pastoral care and mission) –all of this seems completely antithetical to who the Church is and what we’re called to be about.

And yet that’s what the Session of First Church believes we are being called to do.

And there is a biblical mandate behind this. We are choosing to honor our civil authorities, to comply with the best medical counsel, and to limit for a season our gatherings and calendared events –in order to protect the most vulnerable and further the common good in Jesus’ name—for the Life of the world.

Please read carefully the details on our church closure notification. More information will be forthcoming over every social media platform, our voice-tree, and the FPC website.

Special plans are underway to ensure that worship, pastoral studies, special times with children, and other ministries might continue via remote technology.

There are many ways we can care for those who are most vulnerable, through caring portals, phone calls, brief visits, grocery runs and the like. As the Lord drops ideas into your heart and mind, please convey them to the Church staff. And every part of the body is vital and important. We all have a role to play.

May the Lord bless and strengthen His Church - that we might live into this strange chapter of life in ways that demonstrate the love of Christ for the world.

Rev. Dr. James Miller

Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa

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