Monday School with Justin Schell
11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Monday School with Justin Schell

Justin Schell, the director of executive projects for the Lausanne Movement and the U.S. Director for Union School of Theology, will be teaching an 8-week series on the "Kingdom of God" starting on September 11. This study includes the Gospel accounts when Jesus declares that the "the Kingdom of God is at hand" and how he spent extensive time teaching parables to explain the kingdom of God, such as the various ways the kingdom is like a treasure hidden in a field, a mustard seed, a net gathering fish, or a master hiring laborers. We are to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom. Truly, the kingdom of God was at the very center of Jesus' teaching, however, it has been a difficult subject for many Christians to understand. Come join us each week as we explore and learn what the Bible says about God's Kingdom.

Class is in the Bernsen Building's Kirkland Library and starts at noon with an optional lunch at 11:30 a.m. You may pay online or at the door. Click here to make a lunch reservation and pre-pay.