January Series
Church Life
11:30 am – 12:30 pm

January Series

Make plans now for this free 15-day lecture series that is streamed from Calvin University. This series aims to cultivate deep thought and conversations. Reserve $7 lunch here. For a full listing of speakers, click here.

Assorted pick up desserts on tables daily

Dr. Sara Hendren - Monday, January 9

- Baked potato, chili and assorted fixings, green salad

Monica Guzman - Tuesday, January 10

- Nacho bar with seasoned beef and chicken, salsa and assorted toppings

Nate Mook - Wednesday, January 11

- Chicken and broccoli casserole, green salad, rolls

Rev. Kyle Meyaard-Schaap - Thursday, January 12

- Tomato-basil soup, 1/2 rueben sandwich, german potato salad

Dr. Amy Kenny - Friday, January 13

- King's ranch chicken casserole, south-west green salad

Dr. Gregory Thompson - Monday, January 16

- French bread pizza, green salad

Kaia Kater - Tuesday, January 17

- Beef stew, pasta salad, cornbread

Dr. Noah Toly - Wednesday, January 18

- Turkey ala king on puffy pastry, green salad

Kerri Arsenault - Thursday, January 19

- Spaghetti and meatballs, green salad, garlic breadsticks

Dr. Moo Cooper - Friday, January 20

- Ham and bean soup, pea salad, cornbread

Ken Jennings - Monday, January 23

- Chicken pot pie, green salad

Peter Wehner - Tuesday, January 24

- BBQ pork sliders, coleslaw, chips, pickle and onion relish tray

Dr. Esau McCaulley - Wednesday, January 25

- Chicken salad and croissant, sausage gumbo

Efosa Ojomo - Thursday, January 26

- Chicken alfredo with bow tie pasta, green salad

Dr. Kate Bowler - Friday, January 27

- Lasagna, green salad, garlic toast