Children's and Youth Choir Spring Musical 2024
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
The Great Hall, Bernsen Community Life Building

Children's and Youth Choir Spring Musical 2024

The First Church Choristers and the Celebration Singers Present - Say What? A Musical for Young Voices - The Story of the Tower of Babel Leading to Pentecost

Join us at 5:00 PM in the Great Hall of the Bernsen Building for an evening of fellowship and song! Table seating will be available, with light refreshments served at the tables. No tickets required!

In Genesis 11 and Acts 2 we read about two events where languages helped fulfill God's purpose. When the people of Babel built the tower, they were led by the human spirit and ended up in confusion, scattered over the earth, speaking different languages. At Pentecost, people from many nations, speaking different languages, were led by the Holy Spirit; and even in their diversity, they were united. This 35-minute musical links together these Old Testament and New Testament stories with songs, humor and heart. The message is, if we follow the Great Commandments - loving God and loving our neighbors, no matter how different from us they are or what language they speak - we will surely be filled with the Holy Spirit.