New Here?

Welcome to Tulsa’s First Presbyterian Church

Thirteen years before Tulsa was a city, twenty-two years before Oklahoma was a state, people have been worshiping at First Presbyterian Church. Through all the fads and fashions, downturns and upswings, one thing has remained constant—our desire as a fellowship to seek the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. If that is your desire, too, the door is forever open. Ours, and His.

Membership at First Presbyterian Church

 Why join? The word “join” means “to cement together and to unite.” That’s exactly the goal behind membership in the church – to grow in relationships, love and effectiveness in advancing the Kingdom of Christ’s purposes.

Membership is a way to follow Jesus Christ as He calls us into community and out into the world. It is a promise to be authentic, to come to know others and to be known by them. It's a public commitment to grow and be changed into a better likeness of Jesus Christ. Membership is not a ticket to salvation, a guarantee for social or professional success or a way to make your voice heard. It's not based on financial expectations. It's not even required for participating in church life.

Membership gives you the opportunity to live life with believers of all ages and to contribute your time, talent and treasure specifically for the glory of God. It's one way to explore God's claim on your life and consider God's calling in your life. It also offers a place to call home.

If you would like to learn more about  who we are and what we believe, the Inquirers’ Class is a great place to start. These classes are held periodically throughout the year, either as a series of Sunday School-hour sessions or in a Saturday-Sunday combination. The Inquirers’ Class offers the opportunity to ask lots of questions – little ones and big ones – and get to know other newcomers. It's open to everyone, whether you're sitting on a fence and unsure of the next step or are ready to make an external commitment to God. 

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 To learn more, contact Patricia Hall at phall(at) or 918-301-1028.

Getting Involved

There are many different programs for you and your family here at First Church! Please feel free to browse through offerings for childrenyouth and adults. You will find a variety of groups and classes as well as mission programs serving both in Tulsa and around the world. Use our new Ministry Match tool to find a program that fits with your schedule, and get connected!