First Presbyterian Church employs both ordained and non-ordained staff in a wide range of professions and disciplines.

Staff Members


Business Office



  • Duff Points, Executive Director of Ministries (918-301-1018)

Front Office


  • Joseph Eddington, Culinary Director/Chef (918-301-1024)
  • Assistant Chef (918-301-1024)


Music Ministry

  • Ronald J. Pearson, M.M., Director of Music Ministries (918-301-1013)
  • Eric Baird, Worship Leader (918-301-1004)
  • Gretchen Bashforth, Gloria Women's Choir, Celebration Singers (918-301-1019)
  • Sharon Yenzer, Overtones Bell Choir (918-645-2156)
  • Children's Worship Arts Leader (918-301-1012)
  • Carol Tipton, Children's Worship Arts
  • Lindsay Smith, Children's Worship Arts

Next Generation Ministries

  • Jan Miller, Director of Children's Ministries (918-301-1006)
  • Laurel Baird, Associate Director of Children's Ministries (918-301-1009)
  • Kellie Wasson, Special Events Coordinator, Children's Ministry (918-301-1008)
  • Meredith Rogers, Awana Coordinator (918-301-1009)
  • Steve Wilson, Director of Youth Ministries (918-301-1007)
  • Jackson Seibert, Associate Director of Middle School Ministries (918-301-1005)

Outreach & Growth

Planned Giving Ministry

Support Staff

  • Sharon Richards, Ministry Assistant to the Co-Pastors (918-301-1015)
  • Gretchen Bashforth, Ministry Assistant to Discipleship, Communications and Music (918-301-1019)
  • Dionna Schooley, Ministry Assistant to Pastoral Care (918-301-1029)
  • Angela GwinnerMinistry Assistant to Mission and Outreach (918-301-1039)
  • Kenna Hill, Ministry Assistant to Next Generation (918-301-1008)



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