College (Ukirk)

Connect - Grow - Serve

 UKIRK is a place for college students across Tulsa to engage with the life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. 


UKIRK is all about connection.

We want to see students connected with one another, connected with the local church, and most importantly, connected with the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

UKirk is focused on growth.

Jesus says to His disciples that He is the vine and we are the branches and that if we abide in Him, we will bear much fruit. God intends for us to grow in our knowledge, love and service of Him, and as we do this, we are invited to make an impact for His kingdom. 

UKirk is committed to service.

Whether it is in your dorm room, at church, on a mission trip, or engaging people in this great city, God calls each of us to be a servant. As we do this, we imitate Christ, the greatest servant of all, and actually live out the prayer ‘Thy Kingdom Come.’

UKirk Leadership

Dan Hutchinson
Next Gen.Pastor

Daniel Hebert
Next Gen. Intern

Jeff Francis
Chaplain of Sharp Chapel