Awakenings! Learning to love the Lord with our minds

Awakenings! Learning to love the Lord with our minds

Rev. Dr. James Miller

First Church is a teaching Church. We’re blessed with gifted teachers and an abundance of opportunities to “study and show ourselves approved,” as the great apostle puts it.

In spite of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, we’re planning a fall semester brimming with engaging and important adult education opportunities.

I’m very much hoping we might be able to come together under more normal circumstances come September. The sheer “togetherness” of the corporate and visible Church is vital for our spiritual health and well-being. So, we’re preparing in hope with that very much in mind.

Every three years I invite the congregation to pick up CS Lewis’ classic work titled, “Mere Christianity,” and to join me in my Pastor’s Class — and this is that year! Lewis’ work will guide our thinking during both the fall and spring semesters (Sunday mornings at 9:30 and Wednesdays at 11:30).

Wednesday Night Downtown launches on September 16. Amid the joy of AWANA and the return of middle and high school life groups — a number of adult classes are beginning as well.

Our pastoral staff is looking forward to a six-week series on “The Spiritual DNA of First Church.” We’ll be looking at the message on the FPC electronic marquee that offers this summary of who we are:

Historic First Church 
Orthodox, Reformed, Evangelical

In three simple lines the DNA of the congregation known as the First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa is set out for all to consider. Each line invites careful reflection.

I wonder how you’d define them to your friends? More than a few believe that these terms carry unwanted baggage today. Why not jettison them? Why not cut ourselves loose from them?

Your pastors believe there are good and vital reasons to unpack the meaning behind these and celebrate our heritage as Orthodox, Reformed and Evangelical believers.

Immediately following this six-week series, we’ll invite the whole Church (and outside congregations) to join together in a six-week focus on “The Church Amid Racism,” a study that will include conversations with community pastors and peoples of color.

A series of short videos will guide our discussions, even as we grow friendships amid the questions we share —and the faith that binds us together.

Details on these matters will be forthcoming. I am eager for September to arrive —and look forward to sharing these discussions together.

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