Ushers are a loyal and dependable group broken up into three teams that serve four times a year. They serve by welcoming people into worship. They pass out the bulletins and help worshippers find a seat. They also are in charge of collecting the offering and gathering the friendship registry slips following the service.

  • 8:00 Chapel Service Coordinators: Ricky & Kim Jones, 918-254-9642
  • 11:00 Traditional Service Coordinators: Dick Campbell, 918-627-9276; Ben Stinnett, 918-408-1554 and Scott Swanson, 918-528-6659.
  • 11:00 Contemporary Service Coordinators: Sandy Curtis, 918-742-6249; Patty Richards, 918-747-8857 and Sheldon Waeger.
  • 11:00 International Service Coordinators: Grace Masaku, 918-850-0714 or Patrick Kirunda, 918-851-4979.


Greeters are the welcoming arms of the church. They serve at the main entrances around the church, offering a warm smile and welcoming word to those coming in or leaving. The greeter opens the door and assists people with directions. They also respond to any special needs such as bringing wheelchairs. If you are interested in greeting, please contact Mary Surface (918-951-1135).

Welcome Centers

There are four welcome centers on Sunday mornings. Volunteers at the Miller Atrium welcome center complete two different jobs: One is greeting, answering questions and passing out the packets of information. The second is handling church business such as answering the phone, taking reservations and entering and collecting data turned in by the ushers.

The others locations serve as a central point for guests to ask questions and receive printed packets of information.

For more information and to volunteer at a Welcome Center on Sunday mornings, contact the corresponding volunteer coordinator.

Hospitality Team

This team serves and sometimes bakes for the receptions that are held throughout the year following choir concerts, Ron Pearson's organ recital and various other events. If you are interested in serving on this team, please contact Janet Bull (918-744-6822).