Emerson Elementary

Mission Emerson Elementary
Location Off-Site / Emerson Elementary School 909 N. Boston Ave. Tulsa, OK 74106
Demographic Adults
Date/Time Weekday lunch times
Contact Rachael Kamaru / rkamaru(at)firstchurchtulsa.org / 918-301-1039
Activity FPC's weekly Mentor program pairs church members with at-risk children at Emerson Elementary for games, lunch and one-on-one attention during the children's lunch and recess hour. The church also supports projects like the Emerson's Eagle's Nest store. Click "READ MORE" to learn about many other opportunities to volunteer and get involved!

Emerson Elementary School is First Church’s partner school, located just over a mile north of the church on Boston Avenue. This open classroom school educates children residing near downtown and in the Tulsa shelter. Many of these students and their families face significant socioeconomic challenges.

Volunteer opportunities abound at Emerson, even for those who have just one free evening or a lunch hour each week:

  • Mentor program (Lunch Buddies)
  • Bike Club
  • “Celebrating Christmas Together” hosted by the FPC deacons
  • Read or help a teacher in the classroom
  • "Day of Care" in Emerson’s garden hosted by the FPC deacons
  • Career day presentations
  • Field trip chaperones

Additionally, there are many ways to donate resources to help support the school:

  • donate towards Eagle prizes for reading goal attainment,
  • donate to the Christmas Candy Cane store for kids to purchase items at a reduced rate
  • donate for field trips
  • donate books

Please note that most of these volunteer positions require an application and background checks (please see below for links to both applications). To sign up or learn more about any of these opportunities, contact Rachael Kamaru at 918-301-1039.


Are you interested in learning more about Emerson mentors?


To become a mentor:

Download the Emerson Lunch Buddy Packet below (includes FPC and Tulsa Public School background check forms). Please print them out and fill in all of the required information.  You may then either mail them to Rachael Kamaru at 709 S. Boston Ave.  Tulsa, OK  74119, or scan and email them to Angela at rkamaru(at)firstchurchtulsa.org.

Emerson Lunch Buddy Packet 2017