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The Kirkland Library exists to edify First Presbyterian Church in the love of God, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. The church grows strong in the Lord when the faith of its individual members is fed by the wisdom of the written word. The Kirkland Library offers a large collection of Christian writings, both ancient and contemporary, giving readers access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. At its core, the Kirkland Library offers readings from the Reformed (Presbyterian) tradition, and augments with the most inspired writings of the larger evangelical, catholic and orthodox communities. We invite you to use this library to cultivate the richness of God’s faithfulness to you and to the world.

Church members may check books out from the Kirkland Library for a maximum of 30 days. Simply fill out an information form located at the main desk in the library. Check-out privileges for non-members are available by application to and approval of the Library Committee.

The Kirkland Library is located in the Bernsen Community Life Center, located at 700 S. Boston Ave., just west of the church.