2013 Book Corner

Kneeling With Giants by Gary Neal Hansen

Chosen By: Steve Wilson, Director of Middle School Ministries

A wonderful choice to enrich any prayer life: Kneeling with Giants by Gary Neal Hansen.

Why? It is all about “Learning to pray with history’s best teachers.” It will speak to the experienced and inexperienced seeker desiring a meaningful prayer life.

How? Each ‘teacher’ is placed in his/her historical context. There follows an explanation of each ‘teacher’s’ personal prayer life and how it influenced the individual’s life and impacted others exposed to that specific form of prayer. Finally there are step-by-step practices for any who wish to try that style of praying for himself/herself.

When I agreed to review this book, I personally, wanted to grow in my own prayer life. I tended to worry about the words I should use. I enjoyed many lessons from these historical leaders. Specifically, I learned that the goal of prayer was more important than the words I used.