Stephenson Hall

The three spaces that make up Stephenson Hall—the Hall itself, the Courtyard, and the Atrium—were added to the historic buildings in the 2012 expansion. The Sunday contemporary services are held here. The hall is available for weddings, receptions, banquets and other large gatherings.

The outdoor courtyard connects Stephenson Hall and adjoining Atrium to the administration and classroom wing. The “Living Water Sculpture” as part of the fountain and surrounding colonnade. It is an ideal space used for outdoor receptions and gatherings. It is primarily used for member events but may be used in conjunction with Stephenson Hall or the Atrium.

The Atrium connects the buildings is an amazing way and lends itself to special gatherings, displays, small group concerts and a wide variety of other ways we continue to discover. Because of its proximity to the other buildings and constant requests for use, its use on Sunday mornings is tightly scheduled and limited. Like the Courtyard, it may be scheduled in conjunction with activities scheduled in Stephenson Hall.

Member and non-member use of these special areas normally include usage fees and restrictions as stated in the approved guidelines. Please refer to the Wedding and Memorials pages for more information. Please call FPC’s Business Office (918-301-1035) if you have any questions regarding availability, permitted uses or rates.