Bernsen Center

The church acquired the historic Masonic Temple in 1994 and renamed it the Bernsen Community Life Center. The historic building, constructed in 1925, was renovated to facilitate the church's community outreach programs and efforts. Today, it houses nine different non-profit groups that serve children and adults throughout the city and region. Both member and non-members utilize the various spaces as outlined below. The rental rates for these rooms vary depending on extra needs for audio-visual equipment or other items. Please contact the FPC Business Office (918-301-1035) if you have any questions regarding availability, permitted uses or rates.

Bernsen Community Life Center, 700 S. Boston Ave.

General and Special Use

The Great Hall, formerly a ballroom, is a large open space with adjoining catering kitchen, stage and dressing rooms. It is used each Sunday Morning by the Tulsa International Fellowship, an African-based, international Presbyterian service by FPC.

The Great Hall is available for receptions, catered banquets, large meetings, and special musical or theatrical events. The Lewis Conference Room is a single space somewhat smaller than the Great Hall. There are small classrooms nearby that may be used in conjunction with it as needed. This room is available for receptions, catered meals and large meetings. 

The Reception Room is an intimate space large enough to seat 30 or 40 around tables for meals or meetings. This room is available for receptions, catered meals and medium sized meetings. Several smaller meeting rooms exist on the second and third floors, and are ideal for small group meetings, or training sessions.