12:00 am – 11:59 pm

Needs Ministry

In these strange and uncertain times some among us are carrying unusually heavy burdens. The Bible reminds us that in Christian community we are not meant to bear our burdens alone. Of course, we are called to bring our burdens to Christ, so He can give us rest (Matthew 11). But that is not all the Bible says about burdens. We are also called to bear one another's burdens, and in so doing, fulfill the law of Christ (Galatians 6).

Burden bearing happens in lots of ways, like meal trains, baby showers, memorial service cookies and a hundred other organic ways. But in this season of unprecedented economic turmoil the session of First Church also recognizes that sometimes what helps is a monetary gift. Therefore the session has created a fund for those within the life of the church facing difficult financial decisions.

Are you part of this body of faith and find yourself carrying an unusual financial burden in this season? Or, do you know someone in the church that is? If so, please let us know. The Bible calls us to help one another in these challenging times. Please use one of the forms below and speak confidentially with an elder.

I have a need

I know someone in need