9:20 am – 10:00 am

In person Sunday school

In person Sunday school Returns!

Pathfinders (5th - 8th) and Exodus (9th -12th) will be starting in person Sunday school on Sunday Aug 23rd. The Powerhouse will open at 9:20 am.

Each student is encouraged to Pre screen their temps at home., but each student's temperature will also be taken at the door. If a student has a temperature over 99.5 degrees they will not be permitted in the powerhouse.

Inside the powerhouse, masks will be required. We will provide masks for anyone who does not come with one. We will be socially distanced in our respective classrooms as well. We are very excited to be back in person with everyone!

This will be also be Promotion Sunday so our rising freshmen will move up into Exodus for the first time this Sunday!

We hope you will join us for Sunday school if you feel comfortable with it, but for those who are not comfortable attending, we will continue to post a brief video reflection by 9:30 each Sunday. These can be seen on the

Exodus Facebook page, our

YouTube channel or by clicking the link on our Instagram bio.