The Company of the King: March 5

The Servant King
“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve,
and to give his life for a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45

The Company of the King
Mark 9:30-37 | March 5, 2017

Introduction: This week we begin our Lenten sermon series entitled “The Servant King.” The Jews
of the first century lived during a time of national and global upheaval. They were eagerly awaiting the long expected Messiah (Messiah = Anointed One = King) sent to rescue them.

Expectations can be a tricky thing – they can be wrong! Like the Jews of long ago, we often have false expectations of Jesus. Mark 9-16 reveals Jesus as the Servant King. And these chapters encourage us to pick our cross and follow him with eyes of faith.

This week we learn just how far the Servant King is willing to go, out of love, for all of us. And we find out what amounts to greatness in the Kingdom of God.

Pray: Lord Jesus, give us your wisdom from above as we open your word together. Help us to see you as you are, and as we need you to be, and not as we want you to be. Amen.

Read: Mark 9:30-37


  1. What can we learn from these verses about what it means for Jesus to be God’s promised
    Servant King?
  2. In verse 32, the disciples confess that they did not understand what Jesus was saying. In what ways are Jesus’ words in verse 31 still confusing and hard to understand? Like the disciples (again, in verse 32) what makes us afraid to ask Jesus for understanding?
  3. Read 8:31-33: Why do you think Peter rebukes Jesus?
  4. Back to 9:33-37: How do these verses help us understand our calling as followers of Jesus
    the Servant King?

Application: This week think about how you expect God to respond to your daily needs and wants.
Also, begin to think about how your life might reflect the servant nature of Jesus’ kingship

Pray: Eternal God, you never fail to give us each day all that we ever need, and even more. Give us such joy in living and such peace in serving Christ, that we may gratefully make use of all your blessings, and joyfully seek our risen Lord in everyone we meet. In Jesus Christ, the Servant King, we pray. Amen.

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